USD 431 - Hoisington, KS

Mission Statement

Will provide all students an education that provides necessary skills for lifetime learning and prepares them for their future. Each student will be provided an environment in which they can learn to their full potential.

COVID-19 Information

This is a reminder that all participants basketball games and wrestling events will be allowed to admit (2) parents or legal guardians per participant family. Please note that this means two parents or legal guardians only no matter how many siblings are on the team and there will be no substitutions if the parent or guardian is unable to attend.

All spectators must be masked the entire time in the facility, even if they are socially distanced. Proper social distancing expectations will be family members of the same household sit together and 6ft spacing between all spectators not from the same household. If you choose to stand around the walking track we ask that you stay masked up and 6ft from anyone not in your household. Mask expectations are that masks must be worn in the manner it was intended. Those failing to adhere to the COVID protocols will be asked once to do so or leave the event. If non-compliance continues we will stop the competition until those not complying leave the facility and could result in not allowing spectators at future games.

At this time we will have a pass list that will have our athletes names on it. We will ask the athlete the 2 parents or legal guardians that are coming and will add them to the list. Again, the limit is two parents or legal guardians per participant family. Each spectator will be marked off as they come in.

Thank you!

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